I teach philosophy at Dartmouth College, and write about the nature of images and problems of perception. See the work tab for more detail.

My most recent stuff:

Maps, pictures, and predication. Ergo 2(7) 2015 coming soon!

Analog representation and the parts principle. Review of Philosophy and Psychology 6(1) 2015: 165 – 180. Springer

Information theory. Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Perception. M. Matthen, ed. Oxford, OUP 2015: 734 – 754 (Online 2013).

Beholders’ shares and the languages of art. Meditations on a Heritage, P. Taylor, ed. London: Paul Holberton, 2014, 127 – 138. Penultimate draft

Sound stimulants: defending the stable disposition view. Perception and its Modalities, D. Stokes, S. Biggs, M. Matthen, eds, Oxford: OUP, 2014, 205 – 221.

I can be reached at mylastname@dartmouth.edu, or by regular post at:

   Department of Philosophy
6035 Thornton Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755